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Travel Informaciones Arrivial

How to get to Merida,

from outside of Venezuela normaly you arrive via Caracas Maiquetia Airport
So there you have to change the terminal, you have to go to the national Airport Terminal. You can do this by feet.
There you can find different Airplanes directly to Merida.

If you prefer to go by bus you have to go from the Airport to the Main Bus Terminal close to the center of Caracas, about 45 min in Taxi or 1,5 by bus.
The buses in Venezuela are very good (only on long distance buses)
But be careful at the Bus Terminal, sometimes there are thiefs.
When you go on the bus, take warm clothes with you, becuase they have always the air-condition on full power.

From Caracas and Isla Margarita i woud take the airplane
From Barquisimeto and Valencia i would tke the bus


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